What Website Technology for Your Photo/Video Portfolio?

A friend is setting up her second digital portfolio. Her first portfolio was maintained by a friend/IT consultant and is no longer available. The main question here is to establish the different needs:

  • The portfolio should be beautiful and promote the photos / videos in aesthetically pleasing ways
  • The photographer should have some mastery of the portfolio contents and organisation
  • There should be a way to learn more about the photographer from the portfolio website
  • etc.

There are different types of technologies we can explore for establishing a photographer portfolio:

  1. Generic website creation services that can also be used for photography / videography such as Wix, Square Space, etc.
  2. Specific photography / videography services that also provide portfolio and perhaps website creation as well such as Zenfolio, Jingoo, Book.fr, Adobe Portfolio (myportfolio.com) etc.
  3. From-scratch solutions with or without a content-management backend such as WordPress, etc.
  4. Pure social-media solutions such as Flickr, Instagram, etc.

Let’s take a look at these different types of solutions individually. This study will only take into account the creation of the website. It will not take into account community management, emailing/newsletter, etc.

1. Generic Website Cloud-Creation Services

This blog post is work in progress. If you are interested for more analysis, or if you would like to contribute, please leave a comment.

2. Specific Photography-Oriented Creation Services

3. From-Scratch Approaches

4. Pure Social Media

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